How IEEF Operates

IEEF not only finances energy efficiency projects, we seek to partner with Clients to deliver the project. IEEF develops, contracts and funds projects, with the added advantage of facilitating optimal risk transfer for Clients which provides a compelling value for money proposition.

Investment Focus

IEEF invests in projects that reduce energy consumption or recover useful energy from waste streams. IEEF may also invest in renewable generation (solar; wind; geothermal) subject to certain investment restrictions. These projects will typically involve:

  • 1

    Building Retrofit

    Replacing and upgrading energy systems in old buildings with new equipment e.g. LED lighting, heating and ventilation systems, boilers, refrigeration, waste heat recovery, process optimisation

  • 2

    Combined Heat & Power systems (CHP)

    Investment in a system to produce electricity on-site so that the heat by-product from the generation process can be recovered and used for steam production or heating, rather than being wasted as is the case with centralised generation.

  • 3

    Renewable Heat

    Investment in heat pumps and new wood chip or wood pellet boilers or CHP to replace fossil fuel driven systems.

  • 4

    Urban infrastructure

    New outdoor lighting and smart metering systems for local authorities or major outdoor power users, district heating for business parks, social housing, town or urban centers and local authorities.