Benefitting from IEEF

Energy efficiency projects represent a new asset class whereby returns are generated from savings delivered to Clients through the installation and ongoing operation of energy efficient technologies and process optimisation at no upfront cost to the client.

Facilitating Energy Efficiency Projects

Detailed energy data is essential to developing energy efficiency projects. Whilst the below level of detail is not always available, it is advisable that Clients compile as much energy information as possible so that they can work in partnership with the IEEF to ensure the delivery of a successful energy efficiency project.

  • Projects that IEEF funds must achieve energy savings when compared to the existing baseline energy consumption. It is therefore essential to know how much you’re currently using so that you can use it as a comparison in the future.

  • Ideally, the information on existing energy consumption should include – 2-3 years of data; hourly energy usage – gas, oil, electricity, water, etc.; and an inventory of existing equipment and how they interact with each other.

  • The Client should consider installing metering to track and log energy consumption at specific target points on site, if they are not already in place. Technical assistance funding may be available from SEAI to assist with installation of metering to develop out the energy consumption data.