How to Apply

If you would like to work in partnership with the IEEF to develop and finance your project or if you are currently developing your own project and require funding from IEEF please contact us directly.

Developing and Financing projects

Please contact us to arrange an introductory call with one of our investment professionals.

Financing projects

Please fill out the following pre-qualification questionnaire which will enable IEEF to complete our preliminary financial and commercial analysis.  If the project meets our investment criteria, we will contact you and will proceed to detailed due diligence.

Pre-qualification Questionnaire

The list of questions you’ll need to answer when filling out the form.

1. Client

  • Name of Client entity (public or private, size of company, listed or unlisted, Sector) *
  • Client contact person (name, title, phone number, email address) *
  • Geographical location
  • Number of buildings / sites

2. Energy Services Company Involved (ESCO)

  • Name of ESCO (if any) *
  • Level of DD performed to date (preliminary audit/investment grade audit/technical due diligence, etc). Provide copy of any technical reports / feasibility studies commissioned to date *
  • Operations & Maintenance and Measurement & Verification framework discussed between ESCO and Client?
  • One-off project, or rollout potential across a number of sites?

3. Efficiency Upgrades

  • Technologies being proposed *
  • Capex requirement (€) *
  • Existing utility spend of Client (broken down by electricity, oil and gas in kwh & € and water) *
  • Baseload Thermal and Electrical in MW *
  • Estimated Energy Savings (broken down by electricity, oil and gas in kwh & € and water) *
  • Percentage of savings retained by the Client if any *
  • Guaranteed savings from ESCO? *
  • Length of contract with Client (years)
  • Percentage of technology spend that qualifies for Accelerated Capital Allowances

4. Project Timetable

  • Estimated Project start date (i.e. Contracts are signed) *
  • Length of construction / installation and commissioning period (months)
  • Expected fully operational date

5. Funding

  • Percentage of equity funding required to fund project *
  • If required equity funding is less than 100%; then provide details of other funding sources *

6. Any additional information that you deem important

  • Further information


* Required fields